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Ace Cider Co.

Pear Cider 5% ABV/NA

Drekker Brewing Co.

Prrrt Sour Smoothie  6.2% ABV/NA IBUs

Toppling Goliath Brewing

Dragon Fandango     4.2% ABV/13 IBU

Cider Boys

Strawberry Magic Cider    5% ABV/NA

Pizza Port  

Chronic Amber        4.9% ABV/33

Wiseacre Brewing Co. 

Tiny Bomb      4.5% ABV/ 39 IBUs

Uncle Bears

Fence Jumper Golden Ale  4.8% ABV/10 IBUs

Paperback Brewing

Bunny With a Chainsaw: Imperial IPA 8.2% ABV/48 IBUs


Guinness Stout       4.4% ABV/20 IBUs

Odd Side Ales

Citra Pale Ale       5.75% ABV/35 IBUs

Karl Strauss

Be Cold, Start Cold       7% ABV/40 IBUs




Specialty 8oz pours 


Framboise Raspberry Lambic  2.5% ABV


Guest Cans



Lincoln Brewing 

Trejo’s Cerveza     16oz can/7

Belching Beaver Brewing

Tijuana Sunshine    16oz can/7

Toppling Goliath 

Dorothy’s New World   16oz can/7




Sleepy Dog Brewing

Wet Snout Porter  Peanut Butter Stout 16oz can/7



Modern Times Brewing

Fruitlands Fruited Gose  160z can

10 Barrel Brewing

Crush ( Cucumber,Raspberry) 12oz can

Telluride Brewing Co.

Alpengose Mango&Raspberry  12oz can

Second Chance 

Fistful of Gummies    16oz can

Sleepy Dog Brewing 

Key Lime Pastry    16oz can

Odell Brewing

Sippin Pretty   12oz can



Mason Aleworks x Mumford Brewing

Hydrowave IPA 16oz can

Sierra Nevada 

Celebration IPA 16oz can

Paperback Brewing Co.

Tucked In By Strangers IPA        16oz can

Flying Basset 

Klingon IPA 16oz can

OHSO Brewing Co.

Boom Dynamite     16oz can




Ace Cider Co.

Mango Cider 12oz can/6

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Prickly Pearadise 12oz can/6