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Ace Cider Co. Sebastopol, CA

Pineapple Cider 5% ABV/NA 

The first pineapple cider developed in the world!

Calicraft Brewing Co.
Raspberry Lemon Cider 6.3% N/A IBU

Full Sail Brewing Co.
Sesión ABV 4.5%
Wren House
Lady Banks Sour 4% 10 IBU

Founder’s Brewing Co.
All Day IPA 4.7% n/a IBU
Belching Beaver
Phantom Bride 7.1% n/a
Four Peaks Brewing
Blueberry Wow Wheat Ale 5% NA IBU
Modern Times
Visible Ink 6% 35 IBU
Coconut vanilla coffee stout
Specialty 8oz pours 

Lindemans Framboise- Vlezenbeek, Belgium 
Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean taste


Guest Cans/Bottles






Harland Brewing

Lilikoi Sour


Sundown Sour

     -Apricot, blueberry, passion fruit 


Gemini Sour

    -Mango, Raspberry, Fruit burst snacks

Fate Brewing 

Double Guava Sour Ale



Harland Brewing

India Pale Whale Cryo-Hopped IPA

Firestone Brewing

Mind Haze Hazy tropical 12 oz 

New Belgium 

Voodoo Ranger IPA 12oz

Mason Ale Works

OB-1 CAN-OBI Double IPA 16oz

Dragoon Brewin CO

Dragoon IPA 16 oz (7.3%)


Ciders/Hard Kombucha/Seltzers

Golden State Cider 

Ginger Grass Cider 16oz 

  • Apple, Champagne Yeast, Ginger, Lemongrass

Jamaica Cider

  • Apple, Champagne Yeast, Hibiscus Flower

Mellow Hops 

  • Apple, Champagne yeast, Cashmere hops

Arizona Premium Spiked Beverage

     - Green Tea with Ginsend and Honey

      -Iced Tea with Lemon

     - Iced Tea with Peach

Ray Ray’s Sonoran

Spirit Tea

    - Vodka, black tea, hibiscus, lemon, watermelon, and agave syrup

Nutrl Vodka Seltzer

 Watermelon, Black Cherry, Orange, pineapple

Blake’s Hard Cider 

Triple Jam-strawberry, blackberry, and raspberries 

El Chavo-mango and habanero cider

Kyla Hard Kombucha

Sunset Trio 

    -Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava

Lychee Lemonade

   - Lychee, Lemon, and Rose Water


Non-Alcoholic Brews

Heineken Zero 12oz bottle

Brew Dog Brewing

Punk AF Hoppy Ale

Easy Street Golden Ale